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Funding For Training

Did you know that if you are a healthcare facility who is unable to provide the financial means to train MHRT/C’s for your open position that as of May 2022 an organization can now receive training funds to assist with your staff’s education?  

All the required course needed to earn MHRT/Community Certification are eligible!

Riverside Training & Education Center is an established & approved training site through this initiative; we can help your organization navigate the application process for this valuable funding.

Riverside Training & Education schedules the MHRT/C classes through a rotating schedule that offers the priority Domains of 1, 2, 3 on a continuous 90 day basis allowing you to retain the provisional certification issued through Muskie after meeting their requirements.

All Riverside Training & Education classes are approved through Muskie & are provided via tele-video platform. 

Tele-video platform can be accessed through the Riverside Training & Education website; this allows easy access to all students regardless of geographic location.

Pricing for each class in a set price & the class schedule is provided in advance on our website to allow for easy planning.

Cost of the courses also includes a binder of the course material & a study guide that is mailed to each student upon registration.

Get in touch with us today, we want to be your choice in professional development!

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